This week — Unite and Fight, Free Custom Domain, and More


I've been busy grinding in Granblue Fantasy, setting up a new domain, and fighting with the HTML and CSS code of my blog.

This week's blog post is late again, because this workweek has been exhausting and I needed to...

Special Edition — My Problem with Being Personal


Why is it so hard for me to talk about my personal life?

This week's blog post was supposed to have a section about my current frustrations at my workplace. I wrote one long paragraph explaining the situation... then I took a good...

This Week — Terminal Land, Listed, and Blog Fixes


An update on my /uses page, and a few more changes to my blog. Also, Terminal Land!

I'm posting this much later than my scheduled time... because I got lazy. Well, story of my life.

Terminal Land

Last Sunday, @adam [opened up Terminal...

This Week — Blog Customization


Indieweb implementation, speed and accessibility, and other fixes for the blog.

I told @rb that I would focus first on posting on my blog before customizing it. Then I proceeded to focus on customizing my blog. I guess old habits die hard.

Well, at least I can...

Hello, world... for the nth time


I'm here to post my thoughts and make excuses, and I'm all out of excuses.

Hello. My name is Daryl Sun, but you can call me Daryl. I identify as a woman, and I'm a Filipino currently residing in my home country, the Philippines.

Perhaps you've...