Hello, world... for the nth time

I'm here to post my thoughts and make excuses, and I'm all out of excuses.

Hello. My name is Daryl Sun, but you can call me Daryl. I identify as a woman, and I'm a Filipino currently residing in my home country, the Philippines.

Perhaps you've heard of me before, from my previous blog, Beyond the Garden Walls, which was my attempt at a tech review blog during my time as a jobless shut-in. I discontinued it before PrivacyTools.IO' WriteFreely instance shut down (RIP), partly because I found a job, but mostly because I took updating the blog way too seriously, and thus blogging began to stress me out.

Yet here I am, almost two years later, writing another blog post. Why?

Let me rewind.

Sometime around 2019, I was scrolling through the Android Apps subreddit when I noticed a link that seemed off-topic. It's the original PrivacyTools.IO website, and reading through it kicked me down a rabbit-hole that would take another blog post to describe.

Later, I would join PrivacyTools.IO's Mastodon instance, a quiet but friendly community. Much later, I would nervously post my first blog post on Mastodon, only to receive warm reception.

I was happy. Then 2021 came, and the Mastodon instance sputtered and croaked, until it met its silent and controversial death.

I drifted for two years.

Early in 2023, I discovered omg.lol while browsing the Dracula Theme website. I found the website cool, but hesitated to join, because I wondered if I really needed it.

I wondered, will I fit in?

Then I saw this blog post, and decided that if the admin @adam supports LGBTQ+ rights, then the Mastodon instance should be okay.

So, I'm here today.

My voice has been silent for too long, I think. Before, I focused so much on establishing a "persona," that being online became no longer fun for me. Now, I swear to myself that I'll do different. No more polished articles, just 1 AM rough drafts on anything that I've fixated on for a week or so. This is my blog, so I can post whatever I want.

I found a good community here. It'd be a shame not to share my ideas and thoughts.

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