The Unofficial Webring

Welcome to the information page for the Unofficial Webring!

What is this?

A webring (or web ring) is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure, and usually organized around a specific theme, often educational or social.

~ Wikipedia article is a weblogging service and part of by Adam Newbold.

This webring aims to gather and promote cool websites powered by!

How can I be a member of this webring?

Your website must:

  1. Use to host content. (You may use third-party tools to publish and manage your content.)
  2. Display the webring links in a prominent and intuitive location at all times. (Ideally, they should be in the sidebar or the footer of the front page or landing page of your website; you may also place them on a dedicated page, but if you do so, kindly include the URL of the page in your application.)

I reserve the right to remove any websites that violate these rules from our directory.

First, please place the below links on the chosen location on your website:

<a href="">The Unofficial Webring</a>

<a href="">Random Site</a>

Please replace YOUR_WEBSITE_URL with, well, your website's URL.

Optionally, you may add the below links:

<a href="">Previous Site</a>

<a href="">Next Site</a>

Second, please send a plain-text email to ~darylsun/ (yes, this is a working email address) with the subject line Request to Join the Unofficial Webring, and the below template in the body:

Website Name:

Website URL:

Webring Page URL:

If the webring links are not on a dedicated page on your website, please write N/A.

This will create a ticket in the public sourcehut ticket tracker, where you can view the status of your application.

Alternatively, if your email gets rejected by the above email address, please send your email instead to I've received reports that some email clients don't send plain-text emails even when configured to do so, and thus, the ticket tracker rejects their emails. However, please do note that this will add some time to the review of your application, since I'll have to manually it over to the ticket tracker.

Lastly, please give me some time to respond to your application. It may take anytime from a few hours to a week, depending on my schedule. I will first review your website to see if it complies with the rules, then if everything checks out, you will added to our directory!

Who are the members of this webring?

You may view the current directory over at